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Data driven design

Using artificial intelligence to enhance human ability

Frontier Labs work with businesses large and small. We help you to better understand your customers, products and business, through data.

We work at the intersection of data science and human centred design to solve problems, reveal opportunities and help you to move your business forward, towards your own frontier.

We can help you

Through the understanding of human behaviour and business needs, we apply rapid prototyping techniques to build systems and products fast. We run pilots to test these in the hands of your customers and experts quickly; to learn, iterate and improve.

In 20 days we created ScoutLab, an intelligent data-driven application that takes a novel approach to football scouting, removing bias and guiding experts in decision making.

  • Services: Rapid prototyping,
  • User experience design (UX),
  • User interface design (UI),
  • Data-driven applications,
  • Machine learning & AI

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to solve problems, reveal opportunities from data and provide actionable insights. Algorithms are the tools that help you mine and craft data into something valuable.

We worked with Shop Direct to transform their experimentation testing process into a more probabilistic Bayesian-driven (MCMC) solution which empowers key decision makers, giving them enhanced visibility and more robust insights.

  • Services: Machine learning & AI,
  • Automation,
  • Technical consulting,
  • Experimentation,
  • Data visualisation

Working with you, we design and build intelligent systems tailored to your customers and businesses needs. Empowering people with data-driven insights that afford greater confidence and faster decision making.

We helped Manchester City Football Club to measure stadium atmosphere with data-driven insights to test marketing activities and improve fan engagement.

  • Services: Machine learning & AI,
  • Automation,
  • Experimentation,
  • Data discovery & insights,
  • Data visualisation

We help you enhance your service and product by applying best practice in user experience design and experimentation. Working with you to define and execute innovative new features that add value to your business.

Collaborating with CarKeys to create a unified design system that affords faster experimentation across design, development and marketing teams.

  • Services: Unified Design System,
  • Experimentation,
  • User experience design (UX)

We thrive on the most challenging data and design problems. We want to be challenged by you, as much as we hope to inspire and push you towards greater things.

Meet the team

Data visualisation

Frontier Labs

Ben Blackmore - Frontier Technical Director

Ben Blackmore

Technical Director

Ben is the technical lead at Frontier and has taken a unique career path into the industry. From professional poker player to equity trader, turning his highly analytical and logical nature towards data science and software development. Ben has applied data experimentation, data visualisation and machine learning, to numerous Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data products for clients such as Merseytravel, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Shop Direct and University of Liverpool.

Steven Hassall - Frontier Design Director

Steven Hassall

Design Director

Steven heads up design at Frontier with over 10 years experience in the design and technology industry. He has led design on leading-edge web and mobile app development products with clients including ARM, Comic Relief, Swiss Rail (SBB CSS FSS) and the University of Liverpool. Steven makes the complex simple by applying best practice in user interface design and user experience design (UI/UX), to deliver scaleable design systems that empower businesses.

View Steven's design portfolio.

What's your frontier?

The frontier is something we aspire to, a shared purpose requiring dedication, craft and a spark of insight. The frontier is what’s possible, it’s the vision of tomorrow and the driver of innovation.

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