Data driven
Data driven design

Blending data science with human centred design

Frontier Labs helps you to better understand your customers, products and business, through data. We use data science and design thinking to solve problems and create clear meaning from complexity.

We can help you with:

  • Data science
    & visualisation

    • ~ Machine learning & AI ~
    • ~ Automation ~
    • ~ Experimentation, A/B testing ~
    • ~ Data discovery & insights ~
    • ~ Data visualisation ~
  • Product design
    & data driven apps

    • ~ Co-design / Co-creation ~
    • ~ User experience design ~
    • ~ Prototyping & visual design (UI) ~
    • ~ Data driven mobile apps & websites ~
    • ~ Branding & identity ~
  • Data & design

    • ~ Data analysis ~
    • ~ Data & design workshops ~
    • ~ Technical consulting ~
    • ~ Product design consulting ~
    • ~ In depth reports ~

We thrive on the most challenging data and design problems. We want to be challenged by you, as much as we hope to inspire and push you towards greater things.

Meet Frontier

Data visualisation

Frontier Labs

Ben Blackmore - Frontier Technical Director

Ben Blackmore

Ben is the technical lead at Frontier. He has taken a unique career path into the industry. From professional poker player to equity trader, Ben has turned his highly analytical and logical nature towards data science and software development.

Ben has applied data experimentation, data visualisation and machine learning, to numerous Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data projects. He has created meaningful solutions from data for clients such as Merseytravel, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Shop Direct and University of Liverpool.

Steven Hassall - Frontier Design Director

Steven Hassall

Steven heads up design at Frontier. He has over 13 years experience in the design and technology industry. Always a pioneer, Steven uses creativity and design thinking to deliver intuitive and engaging user centred design.

Over his career, Steven has led design on large web and mobile app development projects with clients including ARM, Comic Relief, Swiss Rail (SBB CSS FSS) and the University of Liverpool. He has delivered brand identities and user centred, interactive experiences for mobile and the web. Steven employs best practice in user interface and user experience design (UI/UX).

View Steven's design portfolio.

A shared ethos

Frontier was founded on the ambition to work with forward thinking businesses, to create meaningful data insights and to deliver something we can be proud of.

Having established ourselves as a successful team at a previous tech start-up, we took momentum from winning football's first data hackathon, to launch Frontier Labs.

What's your frontier?

The frontier is something we aspire to, a shared purpose requiring dedication, craft and a spark of insight. The frontier is what’s possible, it’s the challenge of tomorrow and the driver of innovation.

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